Escort jobs without the fuss.

It’s probably the last job you ever think of in your career choice. Most girls think about being models, actresses or makeup artists. But millions of females decide to work as an escort! As they become adults, realising that in fact becoming an escort just makes complete sense in a multitude of ways. Moreover, most of the skills they have can be incorporated into an escort work. Some of the best high class escorts are indeed models. Meeting customers can often involve some form of acting. Every top escort will always beautifully present herself with makeup to enhance her facial features. Escort jobs require talented, intelligent and social able individuals that want to make a large income quickly.

We are looking for attractive, fun, naughty and reliable ladies to join our successful team of adult entertainers. You must be aged 18 years old or over! It is free to join our Birmingham escort agency, you never pay any upfront fees. We can offer you a safe working environment, job stability, regular clients and the highest earnings in the West Midlands! If you would like to work with us and you think you have what it takes, apply online today.

Fast Application to become an escort.

Applying to become an escort takes minutes of your time. Fill out the application form, giving as much information about yourself as you can. It is very important that you include recent photos of yourself. These can be selfies taken in a mirror. The purpose is to give an indication of how you look in general. Once we have received your application, we will contact you within the next 24 hours. Please bear in mind, that not everyone who wants to become an escort, is successful. But if that does happen, don’t let it knock your confidence. There are plenty of escort jobs around, it just means you are not what our agency are personally looking for.

If we feel you have the prospects to be a sexy VIP girl, we will arrange an interview. At a convenient time and place to yourself. At this stage, everything will be explained to you in full detail. What is needed to work with an escort agency. Both in terms of communication and being reliable. As well as what you will need to bring with you, known as the tools of the trade. If we feel that you will be an asset and you would like an escort job, your profile will be done for the website. We will further expand on your application in order to build your profile for the website. Including the name that you would like to work under, of your choosing. You will inform us of the activities you are prepared to perform with clients. The days and hours that you want to work. Including any other relevant information of how you would like us to advertise your adult work. The next step is to arrange your professional photo shoot.

Immediate starts possible.

However, if you require an immediate start, we can use your selfies as a temporarily solution to get you started immediately. We will ensure that your photos are put onto the website for your liking. Therefore, if you require your face or tattoos to be blurred, we can do this for you easily. We understand there is an importance of anonymity for most girls who we work with. Discretion is a key element when being advertised by an agency! We are the go-between for girls who work with us and their customers. Therefore, no personal details such as your name, identity, phone number, bank details or home address are ever exchanged. Everything is coordinated and arranged through our office.

Birmingham escort jobs can offer the best earnings in the area! You will be paid a large sum of money for each hour that you stay with a client. Of which, the client will pay you directly at the start of the booking. Therefore, you will go home every day that you work with money in your hand! Unlike other jobs where you have to wait until the end of the month! This is a quick way to get the materialistic things you want out of life. Pay of any outstanding depts. Or save back for a rainy day. The more hours and days you work, the more money you will earn. Some girls who work full time and have a good reputation can easily go home with over four thousand pounds a week. Others who choose to work part time can comfortably go home with one thousand pounds a week. Hence why so many women are choosing a career in escorting over any other jobs!